About us
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Since October of 1992, we have been delivering time critical shipments all across the United States and also just across town.  Our goal is to give you the service you can depend on whether your shipment is a full truckload or just an envelope.

Over the years our customers needs have changed and we do our best to adapt to their needs whenever possible.  With that we have added local routes and milk runs to the list of many things that we can handle.  We can even take one of our sprinter vans and do local deliveries for you all day if that is what you need.  We will adapt and mold our services to fit your needs.

We have many types of vehicles in our fleet:

  • Semis
  • Straight Trucks that can hold up to 18000lbs
  • Sprinter Vans that can hold 3 skids and up to 3500lbs
  • Cargo Vans that can hold up to 3000lbs
  • Storage Trailers

Other services offered

  • Brokerage with our partner JAM Logistics
  • Cross docking
  • Warehousing
  • Hourly work with all vehicles

We have recently partnered with Full Circle TMS to bring you real time updates and tracking on all loads and it also gives us access to thousands of trucks across the United States.  Give us an opportunity to earn your business.

Again and most importantly--this website is not here to impress you. We could put anything here for you to look at but you really won't know if it is true or not until you give us an opportunity.  Over the years we have learned that our service will speak for itself.  HONESTY IS WHAT WE DELIVER!